Make every meal epic!

Say hello to our new range of delicious slow cooked sous vide meats.

Raising the culinary flag

The new Epic Eats range is designed to take home meal experiences to a whole new level. Each easy-to-prepare meat is marinated, then slow-cooked sous vide style to perfection to be the star of the dish. The result is restaurant-inspired protein that is tender, delicious and so full of flavour.

Explore the world

Epic Eats is a culinary international adventure, combining the tastiest global fare with what’s trending in Australia.

Epically Cantonese!

Succulent pork infused with a traditional style sweet and savoury Cantonese marinade, then slow cooked, sous vide style for over 8 hours. Lunch, dinner, party appetiser — you can’t go wrong with this signature Chinese dish!

Epically India!

This full-flavoured Indian favourite will transport you to a different world. Slow cooked, sous vide style, succulent chicken in a tomato, yoghurt and spiced curry sauce. Add a dash cream to experience the taste of India in mere minutes.

Epically Korean!

Bring the taste of Korea into your home in minutes. The word bulgogi means ‘fire meat’ but don’t let that worry you, this dish is slow cooked tender chicken marinated in spice-infused soy sauce and has a smoky-savoury finish when grilled at home.

Epically Mexican!

Known as pork carnitas south of the Mexican border, the meat is cooked slowly, sous vide, gently pulled and infused with orange, lime smoked pakrika and secret spices. The perfect pork to create an authentic Mexican meal in minutes.

Epically Japanese!

Teri meaning luster or shine and Yaki meaning grilling our slow cooked, sous vide style, chicken is coated in a sweet and savoury traditional teriyaki sauce. A Japanese favourite that you can quickly and easily enjoy at home.

Epically Korean!

A classic pork dish found in any quality Korean restaurant, this is slow cooked sous vide style pork with a slightly spicy and sweet, pickled vegetable kimchi at its best. It’s Asian fusion in a flash!

Quick & Easy

Perfect for meals, snacks and entertaining, the hard work’s been done to create delicious meals in minutes. With a unique oven and microwavable tray you’ll have a sumptuous solution on the table in minutes!

More morish for your money

All fat and gristle is trimmed off, leaving nothing but the best cut of meat. There’s no waste and the pack yield is second to none. Then it’s slow cooked perfectly, making it so delicious that people finish every bite.

To find out more visit the Epic Eats range page.